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Flower garden for victims of tragedy

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Losing a loved one to any kind of tragedy is never an easy thing and one woman knows this first hand.

"I need to survive. They need to survive," said Yolanda Wallace. 

Wallace lost her son at 20 years old. That's why she started the Jon Buckley Memorial Foundation and the community garden, right behind RiverPlex, is part of the foundations annual fundraiser.

The hardest part for victims?            

"The guilt that comes with losing a loved one through a tragedy," said Wallace. 

She wants people to know they aren't alone in their pain. 

"My heart goes out to all those who are sitting at home alone, thinking they are by themselves," added Wallace. 

Advocate of this cause, Sherry Bennett, said planting a flower in memory of a loved one is something the whole community can do. 

"And it means a lot to someone who has a family member that has died of tragedy," said Bennett. 

Wallace said sharing memories of those that have been lost gives people strength. 

"To find a way of making sense of things and going to the new life of new normality," added Wallace. 

She believed something as simple as planting can make a difference.

"I do! I think this is a good start," stated Wallace. 

Wallace said there are limited resources for victims of tragedy and said if you need someone to reach out to, they have a Facebook page. Here is a link!

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