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Peoria County lead removal program targets more than 200 homes this year

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The Peoria City/County Health Department said with nearly 150 homes lead eradicated this year crews have not scratched the surface.   We spoke with one homeowner whose house is over 100 years old.  
she said with grandchildren around all the time it was important to make sure they are safe. 

"I would raise the windows up and chips would come out the windows .  I would get a shop vac to get it up cause the windows were so old.  I was worried about the windows falling down on them, cause the strings were broken in each window," said Peoria homeowner Duranda Jones.

Jones is among 143 people who have gone through the county's Lead Hazard Removal Project.  The program targets older homes in four zip codes, 61603, 61604 61605 and61606.  A Peoria City/County Health Department spokesman says pregnant women and homes with small children are given priority

"A lot of houses that we do could be rental properties that see multiple families in a given year.  So if we take care of a house typically there's children in those units," said Peoria City/County Health Department spokesman Brian Gulley.

Health officials say children could get lead poisoning from over exposure to lead.   Jones says she did not want to take any risks with her grandchildren. 

"Most people have grandchildren and it's different what it can do to them, stop their learning and things they need to know in school," she said.
For people who are eligible for the program the costs is free.  The county is in the last phase of the three year program.    But Brian Gulley said they plan to re-apply for another federal grant to continue the  Lead Hazard Removal program. 
If you would like more information  call the Peoria City/County Health Department at 679-6612.

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