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City Council hears from new ordinance opposition

Backyard chickens to remain illegal in East Peoria city limits

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East Peoria, Ill. (WEEK) -- The debate for backyard chickens has come to a halt again in East Peoria.  Many citizens arrived to the city council meeting as part of the opposition for the backyard chicken movement. 

According to East Peoria Code of Ordinances, Bees, pigeons, horses, cattle, sheep ponies, mules, goats, pigs, swine, hogs, ducks, geese, CHICKENS....are not allowed to own, use, keep or permit these and many more animals in city limits. In the ordinance, if these animals are found in city limits, they will be impounded and may be given other penalties based on the violation.  

In a recent push by citizens, the topic of allowing back yard chickens has come to light again in East Peoria.  The City Counsel held a meeting to hear from the constituents about the topic.  Unfortunately for those who have been wanting back yard chickens, the East Peoria City Counsel chose to not vote on the topic leaving the issue off the table.

Mayor Dave Mingus said "Although there are some residents who are in favor of having back yard chickens, the counsel members heard from many who are against the issue."

After the Zoning Board of Appeals recommended to approve the ordinance the East Peoria City Council wanted to hear from the opposition.  Many residents expressed their concerns about an increase in rodents and predatory animals attracted by the chicken, but also not limited to noise and odors.  Local realtors were concerned that the proposed ordinance would result in reduced property values.  

If you already possess backyard chickens in the city of East Peoria, you are encouraged to contact the Inspections Department at 698-4717 by June 30 with a plan on removing them from city limits.

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