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Peoria budget cuts put TIF program in limbo

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Peoria budget cuts have put East bluff and South Side tax increment financing housing programs in limbo even though the money's available.  The staffing position which administered that program was among two jobs cut last year. 
Now they're looking at  some options.   East Bluff resident Jessie McGown Jr. said already he's had neighbors wanting to sign up for the housing improvements under the tax increment financing.program.   But they haven't been able to do so because budget cuts benched the program.

"The last two year it's been in operation i think we got 32 or 33 homeowners.  It's a great program.  If there's something you need done around your house only cost you 50-percent," he said.
Under the East Village Housing Program eligible home owners who need siding, roofing or other improvements would pay 50 percent up front and the city would pay the rest.  Peoria City Council Member Tim Riggenbach says staffing cuts left no one available to run the program.

"To say we're taking a year off from this program gives everybody heartburn.  I think if we're able to come up with a plan that addresses the legal liabilities the city has when we institute programs like this that the full council would be on board with it," he said.

Recently, McGown and Riggenbach met with Peoria Community Development Director Ross Black to talk about options that include using volunteers.  Riggenbach said he  hopes to come up with a proposal in the next two weeks.   .  

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