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Meet Chase Calvalera: Local Tarzan

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Most of us get up, drink coffee, eat breakfast, and head to work. 

Chase Calvalera's day is a bit wilder. 

He's Bloomington's Tarzan. 

"I think every day I'm on this planet I become more of an animal person and less of a people person," joked Calvalera. 

His passion for critters took his career away from a veterinary's clinic and into the wild. 

Cavalera is a wild animal rescue agent working with the Department of Natural Resources and wild animal rehabbers. 

Whether it's monitoring a goose's condition by the lake or helping orphaned raccoons get back on their feet, he's there at a moment's notice. 

"I may show up in my pajamas. That is a thing that has happened. But I know what I'm doing," said Calvalera. 

Once they're nursed back to health, the animals are returned to the wild. 

Cavalera said we have to remind ourselves to live in harmony with nature. 

"It is our toys, technology, and growth that has invaded their space," he said. 

Sights and sounds change when the sun goes down.

"Especially after dark. They are appalled sometimes when they realize there are so many more eyes and ears around them,' the local Tarzan said. 

Although wild animals may look cute and cuddly, it's illegal to have or handle them. 

It's best to leave that to the professionals. 

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