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Father of alleged Waffle House shooter being sued

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Jeffrey Reinking (left) Jeffrey Reinking (left)

The aftermath of a deadly shooting at a Tennessee Waffle House continues to remain the focus for many. That tragedy left at least five families changed forever.

Four of those families lost loved ones who were gunned down. The fifth family, however; is right here in Morton, and now they're finding themselves at the center of a newly filed lawsuit.

Monday Christian Perez, filed that lawsuit via an attorney at the Tazewell County Courthouse.

Christian is the brother of Joey Perez.

Reports say the 20-year-old had a flat tire and stopped at the closest place he could find. As he entered that Waffle House just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, he reportedly held the door for Travis Reinking, the Morton man now accused of killing Joey and three others.

Perez's lawyer says the lawsuit is a way to find out why Travis' father allegedly gave guns back to his son after they were confiscated.

Reinking had prior run-ins with law enforcement. More than half a dozen police reports chronicle events that described him as being mentally ill, including an attempt to get on White House property.

That got the FBI involved and caused his gun license to be revoked.

Reinking's guns were taken away and given to his father, who later told authorities he returned the weapons -  including an AR 15 Assault style rifle, when his son moved out of the state.

We've reached out to the Reinking's attorney who tells us beyond offering wishes for healing and prayers for the those involved, they do not want to comment further.  

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