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Bartonville chief apologizes for "colored" statement

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The village of Bartonville took a formal step toward bridging the gap between police and communities of color.

The village and the police department adopted 10 principles with guidance from the NAACP

They're pledges that include addressing racial discrimination and supporting diversity within police departments.

But this positive step comes after Bartonville police chief Brian Fengel made a comment during a meeting last month where he referred to African-American officers as "colored."

It's a comment he says he absolutely regrets.

"I misspoke. Uh, I hadn't done that before, it was just a misspoken word, " Fengel said.

"And I can tell you, knowing Chief Fengel for 25 year it was definitely a slip of the tongue. That was not a phrase that he would use," said Mayor Leon Ricca.

Chief Fengel further stressed that tonight's meeting had nothing to do with that comment but, instead was related to protests in Ferguson, Missouri and 

a collaboration between the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and the NAACP.

However, members of the NAACP were not in attendance Monday night.

Chief Fengel said that was because they had another previously scheduled meeting.


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