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Tacoma Police provide new information on the arrest of suspected murderer, Robert D. Washburn

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TACOMA, Wash (WEEK) -- -

Tacoma Police have released new information on the arrest of Robert D. Washburn, who is a suspect in a decades old murder case of 13-year-old Jennifer Bastian of Tacoma, Wash. in 1986.

Mark Lindquist, prosecuting attorney in Pierce County, Wash. said every parent around the Tacoma has been "haunted by this case for decades. It has affected the way that we parent." 

Police said Washburn was arrested at Woodridge Apartments building in Eureka, Ill on May 10. after new DNA test results made him their suspect.

Washburn is currently in the Woodford County Jail awaiting extradition but Tacoma investigators said they expect him back in their state by May 21.

"This is our biggest success because of its importance to our community. When I was at my daughter's baseball game this Saturday, this case is what people wanted to talk about," said Lindquist.

Police said they would be remiss if they didn't look at Washburn as a possible suspect in other unsolved cases both in Washington and Illinois.

They said his DNA has not been entered into the national data base yet because he has not been convicted of a crime.  

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