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Sports betting could be coming to Illinois

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Sports betting could be coming to Illinois or a state near you.  Today the U.S. Supreme Court knocked down a federal law banning sports betting.   One sports buff says sports fans would probably spend lots more money on the activity than they do now. 
The local man told us that during NFL or NBA playoffs he usually goes on the internet and spends up to $100 wagering bets.   He thinks the high court's decision to allow states to legalize sports betting would be good for the economy.   The decision would rest with each state.   Illinois State Senator  Dave Koehler supports the idea.   But he added it needs to be done the right way.   

"We've had trouble with gambling bills in the past because they've become so burdensome, so big, that they've collapsed under their own weight.   This needs to be folded into that process, everytime you do something in terms of gaming you effect parts of it," Koehler said. 

"I think what you'll see very shortly if not already happening is that horse racing facilities, river boat facilities will be coming out to say make us part of whatever gaming legislation comes forth," said Bloomington House Representative Dan Brady.

The bettor we talked with says that if Illinois chooses not take advantage of sports betting and surrounding states like Wisconsin and Indiana do  he would expect gamblers  to cross state lines and spend their money elsewhere.

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