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Etiquette 101

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How many of us practice proper etiquette or even know the rules?

Knowing proper rules for a lunch or dinner date may seem like last century but as we move more into the digital world, the importance of good etiquette is increasing. 

The rules of the world may have changed over the years but manners are still a must. 

Cindy Winkler with Class Act Etiquette said it starts with focusing on the moment. 

This means good eye contact, and putting your phone on silent and keeping it off the table.

"It goes back to that first impression. You have less than 30 seconds for people to make an impression of you. That comes back to eye contact, the way you portray confidence, and your posture," said Winkler.

The etiquette teacher assures her students that business is still personal.

"They're looking for your etiquette. They want to see how you'll represent their business when you're out and away from them," Winkler said. 

Since most job interviews now involve a lunch, it can be extra nerve-wracking. 

Winkler said it's best to start these soft skills when you are younger. 

Lessons like these can build a child's confidence and help them feel more relaxed in adult settings. 

Interested in taking a class? Interested in the children's class? Click here!

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