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How tall is too tall?

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Mowing the lawn is a chore you might dread doing. 

Yard work is a chore. 

"I think sometimes we're reluctant to do that first mow and then once the first mow gets out of the way, people start to do more routinely," said Joe Dulin, Peoria's assistant community director.

Temperatures are rising and we're starting to see some Springtime showers. 

You know what that adds up to, growing grass. 

The City of Peoria has received a couple hundred complaints in just the past two weeks. 

"You can definitely see there is quite a bit of grass starting to shot up, especially the dandelions," added Dulin. 

The city ordinance says no vegetation should be over 10-inches tall. 

You must also trim around your house, the curb, and believe it or not, the alley. 

If you don't you could face consequences. 

"We come out and put a blue notice on your house that says, 'Hey you got to cut your grass. You have five days.' If you don't cut your grass at that point we hire a city contractor to come and cut it and we will bill you for it," explained Dulin. 

Multiple blue notices will result in a ticket. 

If you struggle to find time for yard work, there are a lot of local groups that can help for a small fee. 

The city said they don't want to be a nag, but it's all part of being a good neighbor. 

"It reduces blight neighborhoods, increase property values, it ensures pest and vermin aren't running through the neighborhood and things like that," said Dulin. 

There are exceptions to the 10-inch rule when it comes to gardens. 

You can view the full ordinance here. 

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