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"Nontraditional" eagle family raise eaglets along Mississippi River in Illinois

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THOMSON, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Two male eagles and a female have teamed up to raise up eaglets together. 

The Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge said males Valor I and Valor II work together with mother Starr to raise up the young eaglets in Thomson, Ill., near the Mississippi River in northwestern Illinois. The trio formed in 2013 when female eagle Hope chose Valor II as her new mate. Despite the change in partners, Valor I stuck around the nest to help raise up the eaglets. 

Hope was killed by another eagle last month, but the trio continued when new female eagle Starr joined them. She successfully laid two eggs in February with help from the two Valors. 

Eaglets hatched in late March. One later passed away.

"We wish the trio continued success this spring and summer with their new family. With dedication and teamwork, their chick will be a fledgling in no time," said the refuge in a press release. 

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