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Car control clinic reduces teen driver accidents

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Fasten your seat belts for the teen driving summit.

The Illini Chapter of the BMW Car Club put young drivers to the test.

Their nonprofit driver education program gives hands-on driving instruction to manage everyday hazards, challenges and obstacles for drivers age 15 - 21.

The 'car control clinic' specifically allows drivers to use their own vehicle, to practice handling dangerous road situations in a controlled environment.

Their goal -  to better prepare young drivers for the unknown.

"We basically just take em beyond their comfort level and to the point where they start to lose control of the car and then we teach them how to gain that back." said Rick Largen, Chairman of the club. 

Car crashes are the leading killer of American teens ages 15 to 20, with more than 5,000 teens involved in fatal crashes and 196,000 injured in crashes each year.

Largen adds their program has collected statistics that 76% teen drivers who have taken their courses have not been involved in vehicle accidents. 

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