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Flu season over but viruses lingering

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Flu season ended a little later than usual this year.  But one local doctor says many people seem to be suffering lingering effects.    Is it spring allergies or something else?  We spoke with a doctor at Unity Point Health Proctor who said they're seeing a combination of things chest pain, patients with coughing, bronchitis dehydration and other virus-like symptoms.    

Dr. Jennifer Roberts said there could still be a few cases of the flu around but added the  flu season is over.  Allergy season isn't quite yet here.  But viruses still have many people coughing and hacking.

"You can have a productive cough or a non-productive cough.  You can have fever and chills.  You can just have a runny nose.  It's really different for each person.  How they react to it.  there's so many different virus.  We don't test for those because the treatment is the same," she said. 

The doctor says covering up your mouth while coughing and wearing a mask will help prevent the spread of germs. 

Dr. Roberts said seven-percent of the patients they're seeing are dealing with chest pain dehydration, cough, bronchitis or other virus-like symptoms.   

"The viruses are contagious, so if they are coughing non-stop at your work place we would recommend that you wear a mask, use a lot of hand sanitizer, clean off the station if you happen to use a computer, they've been using, clean it every time before your use it," she said. 

The doctor says some viruses can linger six to eight  weeks.  She recommends plenty of rest and drinking lot of fluids. 

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