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Millions of eggs recalled due to Salmonella

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Eggs are under the microscope now after a reports of a Salmonella outbreak affected nine states.

Luckily Illinois wasn't one of them, but even though Illinois hasn't been affected, Rose Acre Farm in Indiana wasn't quite as lucky.

A local customer says part of her fears when she hears about recalls, even if not in Illinois, is that she begins to question other products. 

"Makes me nervous.  When I'm trying to shop for my little one or my family....Just that foods might not be safe that I'm feeding them." said Brandy Richardson. 

After learning more than 200,000,000 eggs from the Indiana Farm have been recalled,  a local grocery store manager  says he understands the concerns here at home. 

"People hear something on national news and think it affects the whole country and it doesn't" said Mark Lowery, Manager for Haddad's Grocery in West Peoria.

Often times with recalls of this magnitude, prices for the unaffected recalled item are driven up. The jury is still out whether that will hit central Illinois though. Lowery says it's too early to make that call, though his store's prices haven't been affected yet. 

So far 22 people have gotten sick from the Salmonella contaminated eggs and even though none of them are in the state, many stores do carry the brands, like 'Great Value' which is often found in Walmart and 'Country Daybreak' which can be found in some Hy-Vee locations. 

Lowery says the store typically chooses its eggs based on pricing, though their owner tries make it a point to research companies. He also says their supplier is in Chicago and added that it's a shame they don't have a farm nearby to supply their eggs.

"You probably would know what you were getting and you'd have a local farmer you could talk to." he explained.

The brands affected by the outbreak include Coburn Farms Country Daybreak, Food Lion, Glenview, Great Value, Nelms, Sunshine Farms. Affected states include Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

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