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Farmers starting to get behind schedule on planting

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Our recent wet trend has kept many central Illinois Farmers out of the fields this season.

Farmers typically have some of their spring planting done by mid-April.

Peoria County Farm Bureau Manager Patrick Kirchhofer said the delay is not too much of a concern yet; but, farmers are watching the forecast very closely.

"If we get a couple more shots of some heavy rains over the next few weeks, farmers will be starting to get a little nervous," said Kirchhofer, adding "especially if we approach May, and we don't have crops in the ground."

Kirchoffer says in a typical year, farmers would likely have some corn in the ground already, and possibly some beans.

The planting can have an impact on harvest, which can effect the economy as a whole.

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