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Spring cleaning for the whole family

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It may not feel like Spring, but that doesn't mean you should give up on spring cleaning.

In fact, one local company is offering tips on how to get your children to help with household chores.

The company 'Two Maids and a Mop' designed the 'ABC's of Spring Cleaning' - to help parents and children spruce up their homes as a family.

Christa Jones, a manager for the company sticks by research that shows housework can help kids build responsibility, determination and independence.?

She says knows how much of a challenge it can be, motivating kids to clean up after themselves, but she also says, by no means, is it impossible.

"You have to initiate the chore list or have them help you with a chore list of things they like to help with.  Always motivate em with some kind of prize. " she says. 

Here's a few tip they suggest to help motivate your little ones, and even your teens to .....Do.Those.Chores.

A) ASSIGN TASKS - Map out a game plan on a calendar. Spring cleaning on just one Saturday is no longer an option.?
o Assign activities to each child, give them a certain amount of time to complete each task.
o Tackle one room a day.
o Ask kids what spots in each room need the most attention? Their closets? Playroom shelves? Under beds?? Allow them to play a role in the decision making.
o Set expectations for each task.? Make sure they understand how things should look when cleaning is done.?

B) BE AN EXAMPLE - Show children how to clean.

o Don't stand over them and bark orders.
o Do demonstrate each task, whether it is as simple as wiping off a baseboard or more complicated like cleaning out the refrigerator.
o Remember: Children mimic their parents. Show them the right way to get it done, avoid shortcuts.

C CELEBRATE WHEN IT'S OVER - No matter if your cleaning plan covers five days or one month, identify a reward kids will love.

o Family game night: Let the kids pick out their favorite game and food for a Spring Cleaning Celebration.
o Ice cream for everyone:? As soon as the cleaning is done, everyone could hop in the car for a special treat at the neighborhood frozen yogurt or ice cream shop.
o Go out to dinner:? Let your children pick the restaurant and anything on the menu to celebrate their hard work.

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