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Opioid awareness event reduces drug addiction stigma

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Reducing the stigma surrounding drug addiction was the reason why many gathered for Peoria's Bring Light to the Fight event Saturday afternoon. 
The Overdose Prevention Agency partnered with nonprofit Invictus Woods and C.T. Gabbert construction and they teamed up with Bradley students to break down the stigma about opioids and treatment options for the epidemic currently facing Illinois and the country.

Ultimately, they hoped to raise awareness and funds for treatment and prevention options.

"It matters to us because it's in our community...We have a busy platform here...to let others use and get their message across," stated one of the organizers, Joe Gabbert. 

They answered questions and CPR training was available by the Peoria Fire Department. Additionally, a how-to course on Narcan use and free sexual health screenings were offered. They unveiled a mural geared towards addressing the opioids addiction. 

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