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Peoria Police arrest teen suspect in Sunday murder

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Peoria police have arrested 16 year old Jermontay Brock  in connection with one of the murders in  Sunday's house party shootings.    He is being charged as an adult.  Police arrested the teenager Wednesday evening at a residence on Trewyn Avenue.     Police said Brock was among 100 people attending a party at 1821 Bradley Avenue.  Two people were shot dead, 18-year-old Bradley University student Nasjay Murry and 22-year-old Anthony Polnitz.  Police have only charged the teenager will killing Polnitz. 

"A lot of times when we have a case where there's so many people present it is a little quicker or easier to process," said Interim Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion.

Peoria police say the large amount of people at that party increases their chances of gathering useful information to make an arrest, but with no suspects arrested  for the murders of Murry and John Bell III, there is frustration. 

Michelle Drain a Peoria woman opened up. "It's just too many killings going on unsolved. People don't wanna talk." She adds the mentality is that of "I see this but I'm not gonna say nothing' because they're scared for their lives and their family's lives and it just needs to stop."

Interim Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion says he understands those fears and wants the public to recognize the department's efforts to build transparency while solving crimes. During a news conference Thursday, Chief Marion described how fragile building trust with the community can be in situations like this.

He further explained that he wants the public to recognize trust is just as much a priority as public safety. "That's one of the things, to build the trust with the community. When they do come forward and cooperate and they know that I'm not gonna stand up here and explain what the community did to get us from point A to point B. " he said. 

Marion said he doesn't believe other arrests are likely .  But it's unclear if the suspect will be charged with Murry's death.   Brock is being held in the Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center. 

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