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Site of Fatality: Pinecrest overpass deemed "Intolerable" last Year

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State inspectors had already called the Pinecrest overpass "intolerable", months before a semi-truck's oversize load slammed into it, creating a chain reaction accident that left one man dead.

25News has learned tonight that upon inspection on June 20, 2017 the underclearance of that same Pinecrest overpass was classified by as "intolerable and a "high priority for correction".

IDOT also sent this statement:

"On October 21, 2015 we selected a consultant for phase 1 (study) and phase 2 (plans) engineering services for the replacement of the structure carrying Pinecrest drive over I-74. The structure is in our multi-year program for replacement. We plan to place more signs up in advance of the structure later this week about the clearance going under the bridge."

Monday night a semi-tractor carrying a combine hit the top of the Pinecrest overpass sending debris flying. That material hit a truck driven by Wayne Farrow who later passed away from his injuries.

Thursday 25News drove down I-74 and didn't see a clearance warning until reaching the overpass itself.

We spoke with some of Wayne Farrow's family members who were very emotional and said something has to be done. 

The 39-year-old East Peoria man was a devoted husband and he was described by those who knew him as a jokester and an overall good guy. Now they're mourning his passing.

"Why did my brother-in-law have to lose his life, for something to be done. I've heard there have been other issues with that bridge," said Lelynn Farrow. 

She added, "I don't know where the fault lies but it needs to be taken care of."

IDOT declined to do an on-camera interview twice. They said the investigation is still ongoing.  We were hoping to ask if the overpass was marked properly.

They told us off-camera they are putting up warning signs even before you get to the overpass later this week. 

When asked if that truck driver had an oversize load permit or if IDOT provided a route safe for that load, a spokesperson told us they were gathering information.

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