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Crews level Riverfront Village platform

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Peoria residents will get a chance to weigh in on options for redevelopment of Riverfront Village Park.    The raised platform where people gathered at restaurants on  weekends has come down.   On Wednesday crews made big progress tearing down the platform that housed the former Joe's Crab Shack and more.   Peoria city leaders said that it had fallen in disrepair and would cost two million dollars to fix.  It had been elevated to accommodate flooding over the years.   Now the city plans to convert the land into an active park.   But before that happens residents will get a chance to give input on what kind of park they would like to see. 

"We went and talked to the city of Des Moines, we've really been trying to find pier cities and see what they do.    The philantrophic community in Des Moines has really donated towards some really great park spaces and some active community use spaces,"  said Peoria Public Works Director Scott Reeise.

Reeise said demolition will continue for another two weeks.   Then the two acres will be a passive green space for now.   He said by the end of the month they will send out notices asking residents to participate in a planning session. 

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