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IDNR, residents discuss fate of McLean's town deer

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MCLEAN, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

An unusually friendly resident of one central Illinois village could soon be forced to leave.

This is the critter everyone has been talking about. She'll actually come right up to you!

Trains, agriculture, and the Old Route 66 are no stranger to the village of McLean, and now, neither is this critter. Recently, this white-tail doe has become a part of the village.

"She goes where she wants, comes up when she wants. She doesn't really have any fear,” said McLean resident Tifani Hish.

Hish said the doe actually tries to play with other animals. She said the critter goes from yard to yard, and the community has gotten used to it.

"My big window, nose to nose, staring in, making her nightly rounds," said Hish.

Many are worried about the deer's safety, so some have called the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Many have been feeding the young doe, but DNR officials warn that's against the law.

"It becomes dependent upon people," said IDNR Director of Communications Ed Cross.

Officials say the laws are not in place for us -- but to protect the animals. Experts think someone took her in and started caring for her because she was young and possibly appeared alone.

Tuesday night, residents turned out for a meeting where officials talked about plans to re-habilitate the deer where she won't get hurt. And when the doe is gone, residents are going to miss her.

"It's nice having her in town 'cause it's not normal. It's different," said Hish. "She makes you feel like it's another family member.”

Experts say you should not try to feed any wild animals.

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