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Bill would set minimum Illinois teacher salary at $40k a year

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State Sen. Andy Manar State Sen. Andy Manar

An Illinois state senator said he wants to ensure teachers receive a "livable minimum salary" by raising their minimum annual pay to $40,000.

State Sen. Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) said Senate Bill 2892 provides the first raise of Illinois' minimum mandated salary for teachers since 1980.

“Fewer talented young people are going into the teaching profession for numerous reasons, one of which is pay. Would-be teachers can get a higher salary right out of college in other areas of the workforce, which his opposite of our priorities and our needs in this state,” he said.

Currently, Illinois mandates minimum salaries of $11,000 for a teacher with a master’s degree, $10,000 for those with bachelor’s degrees and $9,000 for teachers with less than a bachelor’s degree.

Manar said there are teachers in his Central Illinois district with master's degrees who live under the federal poverty level. 

“To me, this is an issue of respect – for the teaching profession and for the credentials we ask teachers to bring to the table,” Manar said.

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