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State and city leaders meeting to discuss the "cannabinoids" outbreak

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State and city leaders came together in Peoria to discuss the synthetic cannabinoid crisis sweeping through central Illinois, which is now leading the state in injuries and deaths.

Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti, R-Illinois, doctors, and law enforcement talked about the recent synthetic cannabinoids outbreak that has impacted 114 people in the state who have reported severe bleeding. Three people have died, two in central Illinois area after using k-2, which is also known as "spice." 

In Peoria and Tazewell counties, there has been 66 cases of severe bleeding linked to the synthetic drug.   

"If we determine that someone is responsible for selling this product or supplying this product to anyone that later succumbs to complications or they die from it, these individuals could face a class X felony of a drug induced homicide," Brian Asbell, Sheriff of Peoria County. 

Asbell stresses that surrounding states might have different laws with k-2, but here in Illinois it is illegal. 

Doctors with Unity Point also said that if an individual is getting a medical procedure and has used synthetic cannabinoids; they should alert medical staff because they could be at risk for severe bleeding.

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