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Bradley students react to fatal house party

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18-year-old Nasjay Murry 18-year-old Nasjay Murry

A string of shootings left three dead over the weekend.

One of those victims, was a Bradley student, 18-year old old Nasjay Murry. 

Murry was at an off campus house party when an unknown person opened fire early Sunday morning, fatally shooting her in the head.  Some of Murry's  fellow students shared their reactions to the violence in their backyard; their thoughts varied.

Almost 24 hours after police left the crime scene, it remains empty and somewhat wrecked.

Outside shattered glass, broken windows, and litter is sprinkled the lawn, hinting at the chaotic activity mere hours before. The area is home to devastating memories, but what may be shocking, is that some of the Bradley students are saying, it's not home to fear. 

"I don't think that our parties are in danger." said John Posth, a BU Senior. 

Posth lives across the street from the house where Nasjay Murry and Anthony Polnitz were shot to death. He says, the violence is heartbreaking, but still doesn't really scare him. In fact, he says it raises a larger question - "Why does anyone feel the need to have a gun in the first place?"

Posth, says parties are a part of college culture and that usually, there *is* a student designated to check for school IDs. He adds unfortunately, this may have been an instance where that protocol, fell through the cracks.

You have to know who's there and what's going on. From what I understand there were a lot of people who weren't affiliated with the school, that were at this party." he explained. 

Another student says he generally feels protected by the university and doesn't plan to change his socal habits with the exception of a few minor adjustments.

I'll just have to be a little more cautious. You know...just make sure I walk with people; walk in lighted areas." said Adam Stutzman, also a BU.

Posth went on to outline the irony of the campus location, saying if you travel seven blocks to one end of Bradley, it feels much safer, but in the opposite direction, that's not the case, adding that when students and non students at parties mix, it sometimes causes trouble.

"Typically with people that are not associated with the university coming to parties, they have strange behavior." shared Posth.

But Aamir Mitchell, another student, disagreed with that train of thought. "I feel like things like this can put a wedge between the students of Bradley and the citizens of Peoria. I just hope that this can bring us together more than it can bring us apart." he pleaded.

There's a memorial just feet from the home where the fatal incident occurred, with signs, teddy bears, angels and candles. It serves as a reminder for the community of what happened and also as Peoria police requested, hopefully, a reason for anyone with information to come forward.

Counseling services are being offered to Bradley University students and police are offering a $5,000 dollar reward to anyone who can offer information that leads to an arrest.

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