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UPDATE: Gas pump skimmers affect Mapleton gas station, several in Tazewell County

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

UPDATE: Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell is clarifying which gas stations were impacted by credit card skimmers.

Asbell said the BP station in Mapleton and several Tazewell County gas stations were impacted by the skimmers about four months ago. The suspects were arrested at the time of the incident, but were later released from custody. Asbell said it appears some of the original victims are once again having their personal credit and debit card information used.

There are no new complaints about skimming devices currently being used, Asbell said. More information will soon be released as the investigation progresses, Asbell said. 

If you've purchased gas with your credit or debit card in the last few months, watch your accounts carefully.

The Peoria County Sheriff's Office is currently seeking suspects who stole credit card information by using "skimmer" technology on gas station pumps a few months ago throughout the area. The suspects then cloned those credit and debit cards, and are using them to make purchases at local businesses. 

The sheriff's office did not release a specific list of gas stations that may be impacted. 

Call the Peoria County Sheriff's Office at (309) 697-8515 for more information. 

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