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A lawn mower clinic helps community, gives to charity

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Spring means sunshine and green - at least, it's supposed to.

Ignoring the recent string of wintry weather, though, there will be lawns to mow in the near future. And if you're worried about the mower rusting in your shed - some local volunteer mechanics had the solution Saturday.

For ten years, the Peoria Lawn Mower Clinic has been serving the River City. Volunteers do basic maintenance, including power washes and oil changes, with all costs going to charity.

"It's great when the people come up and they thank you for this," said co-director Jill Wright, "and it's something that they appreciate so much. It's a great way to do fundraising, you can try to sell various items but this is something that is really a value to the community and it's something that makes such a difference for our charities." 

The cost per-mower is $40, and the funds and charities are local.

Organizers say they work on about 200 lawn mowers a year.

The Clinic is held every year on April 8th.

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