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City inspector condemned Pekin apartment, residents blame owner

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PEKIN, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

On Friday there was a heated exchange between a Pekin landlord and an angry resident at 215 Amanda Street.

The house was converted into apartments. 

Some residents claim mold, brown water and broken heaters, just to name a few.

The city inspections department has been called. 

Some are not happy with their living conditions, and city inspector Shana Wade said residents have a few days to find somewhere else to live. 

Resident Jade Dickerson has had many problems in her unit and said at times has had no electricity. 

Dickerson moved to the unit seven months ago and said the mold had been there since day one. She said she reported this several times but nothing came of it. 

"If [the owner] cared he would have been here a long time ago when we told him that we have all these problems going on," stated Dickerson. 

"I come out as soon as humanely possible to take care of the problem. I always have," said owner Kenneth Maloney. 

One resident has had a completely different experience. 

"Things have been really smooth here for me and it's a shock to me," said Jeffrey Graves. 

He added, "If their apartments are leaking and they are having any issues, certainly they have a right to be frustrated, but I know personally that any time anything has come up, and I called ken, he responded really quickly," stated Graves. 

Should landlords be responsible for consistent checks? 

"Absolutely. I think that's part of the process for being a landlord. You have to stay on top of what's going on," said Graves. 

"We're used to dealing with stuff like this if people call us and tell us," said Maloney. 

The landlord said he thinks residents changed their locks and hasn't been able to get in.

"I just want to take care of everything in the building. Whatever needs to be fixed, of course, we will fix it and that's our goal," said Maloney. 

Maloney said he is in the process of putting on a new roof and said he was surprised that the city inspector condemned the building because he didn't see the problems as severe.

25 News also called the inspectors department but they declined to talk on air. 

The landlord also said he will start doing monthly inspections and said all the repairs should be made within a few days if he can get into the units. 

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