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Peoria cop says he will fight DUI charge

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More details are emerging on that Peoria police lieutenant arrested Wednesday.   Michael Boland said he plans to fight the charge.   Boland said he believes there was no probable cause for his DUI arrest.    Illinois State police stopped Boland's vehicle early Wednesday morning in the 600 block of west Main Street in Peoria.   He was off-duty and had a passenger inside the vehicle.   Boland said he took a breathalyzer test that showed his blood alcohol content below .08.  But Illinois state law says that an officer can use discretion in determining if someone is impaired, even though their blood alcohol level is below the intoxication level.  Boland said he never mentioned to the state police officer that he was a Peoria cop.  He was also given a speeding ticket and citiation for improper lane usage.   Boland has been head of the department's investigation unit for about a year and a half and been an officer in the Peoria Police Department for  21 years.    He said department policy states that officers must refrain from committing crimes.  Consequences are severe if they are found guilty.    That question will be determined by his superiors.  For now Boland is on paid administrative leave.  He said he will hire an attorney.
He is due due back in court next month. 


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