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The battle for Governor is full of cash

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It's been a little over two weeks since the primary races for Governor and we've seen less political ads come across our screens. 

But will it last?

The train has left the station and the road to November is long. 

Gov. Bruce Rauner riding the Republican ticket again, and J.B Pritzker secured his seat for the Democrat party. 

Money doesn't seem to be an issue in this face off.

So, what will all this cash get them?

Both have more money in their pockets than you and I.

They're both citing they are more like the common Illinoisan than the other. 

Pritzker is a billionaire who has spent around $70 million on his campaign so far.

Over 60 million of that was his own. 

Rauner, a multi-millionaire, a little bit behind with close to $60 million spent on spreading his message so far. 

So, how does this compare?

Reports show it's the most expensive state-wide race to date.

It's headed to break the record set by California's 2010 gubernatorial race, which The Los Angeles Times reports hit $250 million. 

The Chicago Tribune broke down the money spent per vote for each candidate. 

$157 is what it cost Rauner for each of his 361,000 votes. 

Pritzker spent $122 for each of his 573,000 votes. 

TV ads saw a lot of attention right before the primary and each candidate paid the big bucks to keep their political messages going to the masses.

According to NBC's advertising analytic, Rauner spent $16.5 million in the month of March and Pritzker just over $33 million.

In the Peoria-Bloomington market Rauner spent $45,000 on WEEK-TV  and over $12,000 on Heart of Illinois ABC. 

In one week alone, Team Rauner spent $26,000 on CBS's WMBD-TV and another $5,000 on Fox's WYZZ.

Pritzker opened his wallet wide too .

His team spent $67,000 on WEEK-TV and  $23,000 on Heart of Illinois ABC for the month of March.

The team also spent $51,000 on WMBD-TV for the month before the primary.

They also spent $5,000 for a week on WYZZ. 

The train isn't slowing down either.

Experts say the spending will speed up from here until November.

So get ready for more political ads we're officially in campaign season.

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