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Minor league grind: The Peoria Chiefs are motivated to improve every single day

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Sports Illustrated did a piece on Cardinals outfielder, Tommy Pham, and his path to the big leagues. Pham was the cardinals top performer last season, yet he started the year in the minor leagues. A familiar place for the Peoria Chiefs.

19-year-old outfielder, Dylan Carlson, was a first round pick in the 2016 draft. In his second year on the Chiefs roster, Carlson is focused on improving.

"Just playing more," Chiefs right fielder, Dylan Carlson, said. "Just getting more reps is always key. You know, just trying to figure out what type of player I am and sticking to what I'm good at instead of getting outside my game. That's definitely things I'll be working on." 

Second year Chiefs manager, Chris Swauger says the minor league mentality is the same each year. Developing winning players. 

"Teach them the game, teach them their skill set, help them enhance that skill set, and play the game the right way," Chiefs manager, Chris Swauger, said. "A lot of times that translates to winning baseball." 

Swauger expects guys like Carlson to take on leaderships roles in the clubhouse. Carlson hopes to find his identity as a player.

"Right now, I'm a good defensive outfielder," Carlson said. "Just trying to figure out some things with the bat. What type of hitter. So, trying to work a little more power into my game and figure some things out." 

Carlson's former teammate, pitcher Jordan Hicks, made his major league debut for the Cardinals on opening day. Proving big league dreams do come true.

"That's a good inspiration for our guys, Swauger said. "Our opening day starter last year, started opening day in the big leagues this year. So, I think that's something that our guys can kinda look at and see how close they are to being in the big leagues, no matter what their role is." 

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