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China tariff and Illinois agriculture: how it could affect your wallet

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Local farmers are sharing their concerns over proposed trade tariffs.

Just weeks after president Trump announced tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, China put forth tariffs on a long list of merchandise.

Included in those tariffs are over a hundred items, such as fruits, nuts, and pork.

Many in the agricultural community are saying the ag economy is struggling a bit, and there is a lot of concern this could make it worse.

Here in central Illinois, it's centering around hogs, and believe it or not it could affect your wallet.

Elaine Stone is the Fulton County Farm Bureau Manager.

She said it will not only affect farmers, but other industries and consumers as well.

Stone said the Farm Bureau has strong feelings against a so-called trade war going on between the U.S. and China.

Still, "how can global tariff battles affect us in central Illinois?"

Stone says agriculture is a global conglomeration, and she says trade between countries is a key part of it.

The idea of a trade war has central Illinois farmer's skeptical.

Grain farmer Dan Williams also has about 50 pigs; he's not just worried about the swine aspect.

Williams said swine production also affects grain commodities, and farmers fear gain could be the next thing they put these tariffs on.

For many in the agricultural community, the tariff war is starting to bring back bad memories of a time they say, led to many getting out of the business. 

They are referring to the grain embargo in the 1980s, when they say a lot of farmers got out of the industry.

Meanwhile, Stone believes it's not just China's recent tariffs that could have an impact on the ag economy.

She said the steel tariffs president Trump put into place last month could also hurt those in the industry, and consumers alike.

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