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NCHS remembers Florida school shooting victims

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In the Twin Cities Normal Community High School students were also among those remembering the Parkland, Florida school shooting victims.    More than 400 students walked out of classes for a 17 minute rally in back of the high school. 
They are also are calling for tougher gun control laws.   One student organizer said it was important to remember the victims especially since they had their own scare back in 2012

"What happened in Parkland really resonated with us specifically because we were lucky enough not to lose 17 lives.   But something like that could happen once again.  Our mission and our message for this walkout was so that something like this would never happen again and enough is enough," said rally co-organizer Kavya Sudhir.

"Extremely powerful,  It shows you how much this is impacting students.  You heard about fear, you heard about angst, you heard about anxiety even when we have a fire drill," said Unit 5 Superintendent Mark Daniel.   The students said it's important they continue to reach out to one another and provide support.   The superintendent said students will always have a voice at the table. 


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