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Community and Law Enforcement brainstorm ways to make schools safer in open forum

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Several local law enforcement officers joined members of the public Tuesday night to brainstorm ways to make schools safer.

It was an open "School Safety Community Forum," held at Northwoods Community Church, although the event wasn't  sponsored by or associated with the church.

Sheriff Brian Asbell was one of the featured speakers at the event, which was also open to public comment, questions, and suggestions.

One woman suggested teachers utilize a life alert button to warn each other in the event of an emergency. Another man suggested posting auxiliary officers in all schools. Yet other comments revolved around basic changes to the buildings to minimize damage in a school shooting scenario. And then, there were some participants who stressed a need to attack the problem of school violence at its roots.

"There's lots of other avenues that we should explore I think a little bit more to prevent the attack from happening rather than preparing for the inevitable which is what we are saying to our kids is that we think this is most likely going to happen to you and we just want to minimize the damage and I think we can do better," shared parent Nicole Robertson.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Asbell says he is focused on doing safety training at local schools, including a planned trip he's making to visit students and staff in Farmington on Friday.

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