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Meet Tallulah's bouncing baby boys!

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Being a new mom can be tough, especially if you have twins. 

Otter mom Tallulah at Miller Park Zoo is caring for her two, one month old baby boys. 

Right now they're snuggled in together while big sister holds down their habitat. 

In the next couple of months they will head out doors with mom to learn how to swim. 

The Zoo Director said watching them grow even if it's just through a monitor is the fun part of the job.

"You can just look at the babies and their eyes are just opening now. When they don't have their eyes open they're cute, but when they open their eyes their cuteness factor triples," said Director Jay Tetzloff. 

North American River Otters rarely breed in captivity.

Tallulah has had four litters in the last five years. 

This litter is nameless right now. 

Naming rights are up grabs at their fall fundraiser "Zoo Do."

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