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What to do with sand and sandbags after a flood

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Back here at home, the water levels have dropped.

Have you ever wondered where the sand and sandbags go that guarded the riverfront?

Peoria Public Works took 25 News behind the scenes Sunday. 

Once they are certain the water will stay down, the Peoria Public Works crew starts removing all the sand to be used later.

Superintendent of Operations Sie Maroon said they need to be particular about what sand they can keep and what they can't to guard for the next flood. If it touched the river, it has to go.

"There is sand that can be be reused and we keep that separated from the sand that cannot be reused. The reused sand is what continues to be dry or maybe wet from the rain but once the river water hits it it's considered contaminated and that's the sand we need to get rid of," said Maroon.

Maroon also said they used about 500 tons of sand from this past flood. Most of that can be reused. He also said the cost for clean up is about $5,000 dollars and paid for through the Operations Division of Peoria Public Works. 

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