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Serving up breakfast for under a buck

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Does breakfast for $.90 cents sound like something out of a food advertisement?

If so, then local farmers want you to know the -real- cost of all that food on your plate.

Saturday morning was the 18th annual Farmer's Food Share in Peoria.

The purpose was to make the public aware of how much a farmer would get off a typical breakfast.

The price is the farm value of wheat, a pig, eggs, milk and Florida orange juice solids, when products leave the farm. 

Usually pricing is higher by the time it hits grocery stores because of advertisement and processing, transportation and packaging costs.

"And the idea is to let people understand from the farm to the table what the difference is and how it's generated," stated Chairman Robert Janssen. 

Organizers said in a restaurant this meal would cost about $10 dollars.

Janssen said his concern - and one that's shared with other farmers - is the current state of the farm bill, which he said could jeopardize a lot of central Illinois agriculture. 

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