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A River City welcome

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Some citizens are pushing for change.

A movement called Change Peoria believes the River City should be what's known as a 'Welcoming City' for all people. 

Last year the city council passed a welcoming resolution stating Peoria is a city valuing all residents but some activists want more. They want to put a welcoming city ordinance into law. 

Co-chair Anthony Walraven and many others are trying to inform people about immigration. 

"It would protect undocumented people who had not committed crimes from being detained by ICE without a signed warrant," stated Walraven. 

He also said the ordinance would prohibit the city from collecting immigration information from people who access city services. 

In addition, it would prohibit the city from cooperating with ICE except when required by law.

"The ordinance would not stop the city from turning over someone who committed a crime to immigration services...we have to," said Walraven. 

The committee has already spoken to most city council members, but they want them to adopt the ordinance. 

"One thing we don't want as a city is for our neighbors to be afraid to call the police, for our neighbors to be afraid to bring their children in to get vaccinations," stated Walraven. 

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