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Trump authorizes tariffs, a local business responds

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In two weeks experts say it will be more expensive to bring some goods to the United States. 

They say that is because President Trump has added new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

Experts say tariffs can make United States businesses more competitive, but would raise the price of goods for consumers. 

President Trump wants to boost United States manufacturing. 

The general manager at Walters Brothers Harley-Davidson told 25 News he agrees with Trump's order. 

"Anything they can do to make the American products more competitive with the imported products should help the American economy," stated General Manager of Walter Brothers Bill Wiebler. 

Wiebler has been with Walters Brothers for years and Harley Davidson is an American-made product. 

"Therefore, generally, it costs more money to own a Harley-Davidson because of the higher costs of price over what the imported products are," said Wiebler. 

He said President Trump's order could benefit his business. 

"Yes, it could because it will make more of an even playing field with some of the cheaper imports coming into our country," stated Wiebler. 

25 News reached out to local businesses to get other perspectives but did not hear back. Wiebler said he was not surprised by Trump's proposal.

He thinks the president is going to do whatever he can to boost the American economy. 

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