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Colfax animal shelter in need of buyer

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We often hear about people being displaced due to fire, disaster or emergency.  But it can happen to animals too, especially if they don't find adopted families.   That's the dilemma facing the Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue in Colfax outside Bloomington.   The owners of CISA Garrie and Pat Burr said the bank has the mortgage and they could potentially face foreclosure if they don't sell the shelter or find homes for the animals.    Burr said things have been tough financially since they filed for bankruptcy four years ago.   He added  they have had trouble maintaining a $400,000 dollar budget even with donations from people all around the state.    He said they're trying to find homes for 70 animals and with no money it's hard to keep the shelter operating. 

"If they don't give us a donation where are we suppose to get the money to feed them to provide vet care for them.    I've got six employees here that eat everyday," said CISA Owner Garrie Burr.

"I just hope they get all the dogs adopted all the animals.  I don't know what their time frame is," said Teedra Hudson who adopted a dog. 

Anyone interested in adopting a cat or dog can call CISAR at 724-8241.  The shelter  will be open Saturday for families wanting to stop by and adopt a pet. 


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