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Two colleges protest early

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Two college campus protests took place in central Illinois Thursday. 

Some Bradley students, parents, school administrators, and teachers walked out of class to protest school shootings our country has seen as of late.

Students at Illinois Wesleyan University held a 'die-in' in response to recent gun violence. 

As we have been reporting, there is a nationwide walkout scheduled for next week, but these two local schools staged their protests early since both will be on spring break next week.

The walkout at Bradley began at 10 a.m. and lasted 17 minutes. Organizers were expecting around 250 students, but only about 10 to 20 turned out. 

"Everyone wants the glory of saying they are in activist, that they are going to take charge and take change, but it's something completely different to actually have the risk; of actually stepping out of class and actually saying this is my voice and this is what I stand for," said Bradley Student Deanna Cantu. 

Cantu said she is sad more students did not show up but is proud of those who did. 

Meanwhile, a separate protest at Illinois Wesleyan saw a bigger turnout.

About 60-70 students participated, holding papers with gun violence statistics.

Danielle Ponsot, who organized the event, said the purpose is to raise awareness of school shootings and hopes it encourages students to take action. 

"I had so many emotions going through me and then just to lay down and be silent, it was very strange because these are kids who are full of life and possibilities and full of their future careers and in a second it can be over," stated Ponsot.

Students spent about 10 minutes in silence. 

Ponsot encouraged all students to contract their lawmakers and voice their opinions. 

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