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Car seat safety and rear-facing seats: Are you doing it right?

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Attention parents, are your car seats properly installed? If you haven't had them checked, you might want to.

According to Safe Kids, a national organization promoting car seat safety, 95% percent of car seats are installed incorrectly. That's one reason why a free car seat check was held at the East Peoria Fire Department today. 

But, Illinois could see a change in requirements for car seats. There's a measure being considered by Illinois lawmakers that would require rear-facing car seats for children until they're 2 years old.

"If it's a safety issue..if there's been statistically proven that it's safer to have them facing the rear, then I agree with it, but I don't because my son is nosy and if he don't see me he gets to crying," reacts parent Jorgina Kelly who stopped by for the free car seat check.

But experts do say rear-facing is better because it helps to protect a child's head, neck and back in a crash. Under the current law an infant should ride rear- facing until at least 20 pounds and one year of age. But safety experts advise longer, if possible, to protect a child's developing muscles and bones. 

If this new law is passed there would be exemptions. Kids under two who are 40 pounds or more or at least 40 inches tall would not be required to be rear-facing.

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