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Every minute matters for life-saving hospital app

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

OSF Healthcare is testing out a new app that helps paramedics better communicate with the emergency room before patients arrive.

The new app, called Twiage, is already being used locally in the field. It can take pictures, send the patient's vitals, and chat directly with hospital staff.

OSF staff say the app can help save time in critical situations and give ER staff a better overall picture of what a patient is facing.

"If I see an inbound patient coming in, I can actually interface with the unit," explained Dr. Matt Jackson, EMS Medical Director for OSF St. Francis. "So the unit itself is interfacing with the hospital. And me, as the medical director, can look over this and I can make my own comments and give my own orders for that inbound unit."

Dr. Jackson also says the app allows a hospital to better predict when an ambulance will arrive, even tracking progress in real-time. 

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