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Peoria code enforcement and Penn Terrace Towers reach agreement on fixing highrise

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Peoria city officials have reached a tentative agreement with the landlord of that highrise forced to shut down in December.   The agreement calls for repairs to be made within a specified timeline.

Peoria code enforcement officials said the major electrical problems that forced the city to shut down the highrise 1505 on the Avenue will be repaired first under a tentative agreement with Penn Terrace Towers LLC.

"The more life safety items in regards to the heating units that can cause potential fire that were identified in the electrical engineering report..   We need to make sure those are in compliance before next winter.  So there's a more advanced timeline with those issues," said Assistant Community Development Director Joe Dulin.

Penn Terrace Towers had faced fines upwards of  $300,000 dollars.   But during a third hearing on Tuesday attorneys negotiated a timeline for making repairs and lowering fines.    We tried again to talk to the attorneys representing the landlord after the hearing.  but they denied our requests for interviews.

The agreement also requires the owners to refund deposits or money owed to former tenants.   Joe Dulin said after the first nine months of repairs then the company will have to fix additional safety problems. 

"The next is for them to work on the fire system and once they have all those and the property is brought back into compliance and we do a full walk through and assess everything then they would be able to re-occupy the building," Dulin said.

Both sides are scheduled to return to city hall next  Tuesday with a written order.   At that time the judge will review the agreement.   Dulin said the work would start sometime thereafter. 


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