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A campaign to help stock food pantries

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Sunday kicked off the 34th Annual Foodshare Canathon drive. 

Volunteers may have already knocked on your door asking for canned goods. 

25 News is proud to participate in the event that will be collecting canned goods across central Illinois to help those in need.

Their door-to-door campaign will help stock local food pantries to help fight hunger in the area. 

"The purpose of it is that we have figured out over the years that about this time of year, all the stuff people get, all the bounty you get at the holiday time, is kind of going away and our shelves are getting kind of bare. This is to restock shelves of area pantries," stated Co-chair of Foodshare Canathon Pepper Bauer. 

If you were not able to donate Sunday, bins will be placed in all the Kroger stores and area subways.

The food drive runs until March 18th. 

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