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Citizens standing for and against guns Sunday

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A rally for gun rights took place Sunday in Bloomington.

The public demonstrated their support for concealed carry.

Although the gun control debate began long before recent school shootings, the frequency of them is leaving citizens both for and against gun control, anxious to make their voices count. 

"I really wish our representatives would pay attention to what's going on here today and see that we aren't going to stand for this," stated Regina Noland.

Noland helped organize the Bloomington Second Amendment rally Sunday.  

John Boch was one of the participants at the rally. 

"There are plenty of Americans here in middle America who support and defend their right to keep and bear arms," stated Boch. 

He and Noland think the Second Amendment is being attacked right now. 

"These are our God-given rights and there is nobody that can take these away from us and nobody here is going to let that happen," said Noland. 

Chris Schaffner organized a student peace protest in Peoria Sunday. 

"I think it's really important that we make this clear, that we are not against the Second Amendment. We are just for safer gun laws," said Schaffner. 

He added: "So today's rally was just to bring those students together and give them a platform and a voice; to talk to them about their needs or wants or desires as it relates to gun change, and to let them know we haven't abandoned them in this," Schaffner added. 

"We're being kicked awakened by the legislature in Springfield trying to take our guns," noted Boch. 

Schaffner said taking away guns may not solve all issues. 

"And we know that wont stop all shootings; nobody thinks that we will stop all shootings, but it could stop some shootings. If we can reduce the number of shootings, then we are saving kids' lives," he said. 

Both sides want to see lives saved, but believe it can be achieved in fundamentally different ways.

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