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A career fair to bring more minorities and women to the trades

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It's Women's History Month!

How fitting that the 5th Annual Women & Minority Construction Trades Career Fair happened Saturday in Peoria. 

It was held at Manual High School, hosted by The Peoria Area Diversity in Employment Action group, as a way to address a lack of diversity in the field of construction. 

Several years ago, NAACP told the city council they did not see enough minorities in construction jobs. Now they are collaborating to diversify the construction trades by showcasing opportunities in the area.  

"We thought the trades should reflect the community that we have here, which is about forty percent of a diverse community in Peoria, so we started on the quest to make that happen," stated President of NAACP Marvin Hightower. 

"We need to have women in the construction trades and there is great opportunities for that and I think if you talked to members of the building trades they would tell you there is great opportunities for minorities, for women to step into these careers," stated Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich. 

Urich said more women have been entering the trades as they have seen an uptick in applicants. Though women are encouraged to apply, the fair is open everyone.

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