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Police simulate real life emergencies to educate the public

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Police officers face all kinds of scenarios in the line of duty.

Saturday afternoon, during a simulation training, the Peoria County Sheriff's Office showed the public how officers are taught to respond to emergencies.

This was the first time the Peoria County Sheriff's Department and members of Peoria Police have offered something like this to the public. 

"It was about decision making. It was about communication. We kind of started today with giving a foundation about some of the laws that apply to our profession," stated Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell. 

Various scenarios were reenacted, meant to educate citizens on how police are trained to make split-second decisions.  

"For each scenario they were given a briefing beforehand, where they would learn a little about the people that they were going to deal with," stated Peoria County Lieutenant Joe Hartwig. 

"And to put on the glasses of a law enforcement officer and run through scenarios," added Asbell. 

Some participants said it sparked awareness. 

"You never know what you have when you are going to show up at a scene, even if you have a relationship with a person [..] it can go a completely different way," stated Asbell, explaining that situations sometimes dictate the tactic that is used.

"Sometimes spur-of-the-moment decisions have to be made and every situation is different, so it causes a different response and different reaction," said Terry Burnside with the Peoria Community Against Violence organization. Burnside voluntarily participated in the event. 

He added, "It was just a great experience. It gave me a better perception through the lens of an officer." 

"There's a lot of decisions you have to make at one time so they definitely found value in it," shared Asbell. 

"I think people should care about this training if they have an opinion about how the police are doing their job," said Hartwig. 

Sheriff Asbell concluded that simulations will hopefully help community interaction between the public and police, while building transparency. 

Each of the scenarios were filmed from a squad car, to give participants an opportunity to watch how they responded during their debriefing.

The Sheriff's dept. confirmed there will be more trainings offered in the future. 

You can contact acting Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion for more information at 309. 673.4521

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