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U.S. melting pot growing larger

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The U.S. melting pot grew larger Friday as several local immigrants became American citizens.

Sandrine Abello of  France, said 13 years ago when her husband came to Central Illinois to work for Caterpillar she thought it would be temporary.  She said after the birth of her last daughter U.S citizenship became a sought after goal. 

"A dream come true.  the life here is so nice and  I have three girls.   We are very happy to live here. my little one she's born here," she said.

Sh was among 86 people from 28 countries who were sworn in during a naturalization ceremony at the Peoria Public Library on Friday.   Jongbum Kim came to the U.S. with his family and is now attending college in Champaign.   Kim said he's spent most of his life in America.

"I did come from Korea when I was pretty young and then I do consider U.S as my country.  I thought it was natural for me to become a citizen," he said. 

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin shared his mother's story as an immigrant.  He said critics of immigration should attend naturalization ceremonies.

"Those of us who were born here have been lucky.  we inherited it by birth.  But these folks made a conscious decision to be a part of our future and we will be better for it", Durbin said.

As for when congress will come up with an immigration plan Senator Durbin said he's not sure.  He said four proposals recently voted on failed to get enough support.  Right now it looks like the Trump administration and Democrats are still at an impasse.  Senator Durbin said the ball is in the president's court. 

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