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Illinois regulator takes disciplinary action on area doctors, businesses

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The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulatoin (IDFPR) took the following enforcement actions against various businesses and people during January 2018. 

The following people and businesses from Central Illinois are included in the report:

  • Leana Decker, Lincoln, 169027333 - nail technician license issued and placed on probation to terminate on March 1, 2022 due to a prior criminal conviction.
  • Waves N Fades LLC, Kewanee, 189017805 - salon license reprimanded and fined $300 for operating as a shop prior to obtaining certificate of registration in the state of Illinois and aiding and assisting the unlicensed practice of barbering or cosmetology.
  • Gregory Cannon, Peoria, 129391611 - permanent employee registration card indefinitely suspended for being more than 30 days delinquent in the payment of child support.
  • Kevin Driskell, Bloomington, 129180295 - permanent employee registration card suspended for failure to file and/or pay Illinois state income taxes.
  • Dale Lucht, South Pekin, 129341025 - permanent employee registration card placed in refuse to renew status for failure to appear for a disciplinary conference.
  • Peoria Gutter Master, LLC, East Peoria, 104017466 - roofing contractor license reprimanded and fined $3,500 based on aiding and assisting unlicensed practice.
  • Alexander Chaikin, Groveland, 036104538 - physician and surgeon license and controlled substance license, 336065346, both temporarily suspended due to mental impairment, substance abuse, and practicing medicine while impaired.
  • Sara Glassgow, Kewanee, 036126499 - physician and surgeon license reprimanded and fined $1,000 for allegations arising from complications in multiple surgeries.
  • Richard Schock, Peoria, 036055474 - physician and surgeon license reprimanded due to allegations he failed to timely diagnose and treat sepsis and septic shock in a patient.
  • Ernest Tanner, Beardstown, 038008378 - chiropractor license restored to indefinite probation for a minimum of one year effective upon payment of fees and filing of forms.
  • Sally Voice, Princeton, 041386374 - registered nurse license placed in refuse to renew status after her Arizona license was disciplined due to drug diversion and physical impairment.
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